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Thank you for visiting On this site you will see the best of College, professional and youth soccer. I have captured images from college and high school football as well as NASCAR. If you like what you see, please leave a comment in the guestbook.

Photography has been an interest for me since my early years. Which by the way, were during the "dark ages" of photography. High ASA (remember that?) was 400! Contact sheets were the method of review. My father was the one who introduced me to photography and soon he gave me my first camera, a double lens reflex camera made by Roleiflex. The film era was a tough one and I dabbled for years.

While chronicling the development of children the digital age began and evolved. The obligatory athletic shots turned into a passion to really learn the world of Sports Photography. This has turned into a passion and even an obsession to continue to learn and one day maybe achieving my goal of publishing in Sports Illustrated (we all have to have goals, LOL). Although this is my goal, at the end of the day I just love being out there. When I get home or back to the hotel I have to fire up the computer and look or I will not be able to go to sleep. So looking at the days or evenings shots is always a thrill! It is wonderful to have things in life that one can find this exciting.

I have been very fortunate at every step of the way. Those around me have indulged my constant obsession with pictures and my hours away and at the computer. Many, including professionals who of course know a lot more than I do have indulged my stupid and at times repetitive questions and have helped me to begin to learn to take a half decent shot of different sporting events. My passion is football (soccer in the US). In part because I have had the opportunity to watch my children play, but also because I first played in 1965 and saw my first professional game in Italy in 1966 (the Rome derby). I hope one day to really learn how to shoot all sports. But I already know that an intuitive grasp of what you watch is critical to doing a good job with shooting.

So after 40 + years of shooting, I have taken the plunge and created a “real” web site with the “professional look” that I want. I hope that you get the same amount of pleasure viewing the images that I had in shooting them.


Steve Limentani
Charlotte, NC
November 5, 2009

Postscript: Just accepted to sportsshooter!


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